Leo MX Core Ring


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The Leo constellation is a celestial wonder, evoking motion and grace with its cascade of stars. This natural occurrence of opulent light was the direct inspiration for our Leo ring. Featuring three eternity bands of pavé-set diamonds, the Leo embraces multi-tonal fine metals and a modular design. Commonly worn across several fingers in classic, arrestingly Leo style, this ring’s metals and diamonds are customizable, with 18k yellow gold, rose gold, silver and Black Gold options, and diamonds ranging from brilliant white, to champagne and cognac tones. Each Leo ring is individually handmade in Los Angeles.

  • Bands: 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, .925 sterling silver
    • 1.7mm gauge 18k .925 sterling silver band
    • 1.7mm gauge 18k rose gold band
    • 3.8mm gauge .925 sterling silver band
    • 2.7mm gauge 18k yellow gold 1/2 round band
    • 2.3mm gauge .925 sterling silver band
  • Connectors: 18k rose gold, 18k yellow gold, .925 sterling silver