Corazón Playero was founded in 2018 by Isabel Andrade.

As a stay-at-home mom, being that she is a very active and creative person, Isabel wanted to be able to work from home. At first, she started Corazon Playero as a hobby. It was then that her concept of “Wearable Art” came to mind.  Since we all need to cover ourselves from the sun, she identified hats as the much-needed accessory where she could pour her creativity in a unique, fun and colorful way. Especially living in CABO!!

In 2020, Corazon Playero started growing at a very rapid pace. Isabel realized there was a need to grow the team. Isabel envisioned a company by women for women, so since then, they have focused on hiring an all-female Mexican artisan team.  Corazon Playero is proud to be able to empower artisans and is the greatest motivation to continue growing… impacting and bettering the lives of more and more women and their families.