Bengara Dyed 3/4 Sleeve Pullover Top


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Cotton 70% Linen 30%, Left side body:Cotton 100%




The main part is made of cotton linen, and the thinner parts are made of 60/1 cotton, and different yarns with different blends and yarn counts are used for the border. The color difference and the wrinkles in the border are the result of the difference in blending and finishing. The product is dyed with bengara.
The name "bengara" comes from the Bengal region of India. The dye is produced from the soil, and the most abundant substance in the soil is iron oxide, which is red in color. Japanese craftsmen have reproduced the extraction of this ancient dye in the present. After many years of trial and error, Japanese artisans have developed a unique method of mixing the iron oxide found in the soil with the burning time, and handmade the product by mixing yellow, black, green, and purple dyes. The dyeing process does not use any mordant or fire but is done by rubbing in water at room temperature. Since each item is hand-dyed by artisans, there will be unevenness and individual differences in color.

#10 Pink - Blend of Bengara Gray (Fukagawa) + Bengara Pink (Haru Sakura)

Short sleeve pullover. Asymmetrical shape allows one side to fall and drape.